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Why Choose QSSMail?

01. Professional Business Features

QSSMail packs in every feature that a business needs from a cloud based email service.

02. Personalised Email

Go Pro, create customised email addresses using your business domain name. Stay authentic, gain recognition for your brand name and leave a long lasting impression on your clients.

03. Abundant Flexible Storage

5GB storage per email address. Add storage space at increments of 5GB per email address whenever needed. There is no need to upgrade to a new plan for all users. Stay flexible. Pay less.

04. Branded SSL Security

Secure email with your own Digital Certificate issued for your domain name for no additional price. Enjoy encryption security on your own brand name.

05. 360° synchronisation

Sync Email using POP3 / IMAP. Get the maximum flexibility to answer and manage your email while you're on the move. Access your email using your favourite mobile app. Use our feature rich webmail on any browser.

06. Stay Protected

We offer an advanced anti-virus from ClamAV along with spam protection. Our customized email account protects you from spam barrages that free account users often face. Thus, your customers are covered from all online threats and junk mails.

07. Powerful Tools

Using Calendars you can setup meetings anywhere from anytime. Tasks enable you stay on track with projects. Setup automated pre-written email responses to recipients using Autoresponders.

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